Everything's coming up​.​.​.

by Milhouse

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Recorded after just three and a half rehearsals on a half a shoestring budget at Mr Milk Studios in Annandale, Milhouse’s debut EP Everything Is Coming Up… is the best eight-minute party you will ever attend.

Consisting of members from Lights Out, Animal Shapes and Between The Devil And The Deep, the trio called on engineer/producer Dylan Adams to capture these four two-minute nuggets of socially inept, awkward pop punk.

From weight loss to robots, internet slang to the back garden, Thom’s lyrics tell stories of the everyday set over the kind of tracks that The Promise Ring and the Get Up Kids paved the way for in the 90’s.

Milhouse is:

Thom Elder vox/guitar
Chris Costin drums/vox
Dave Drayton bass/vox

Booking and press contact – Dave Drayton
Email: dave.drayton@gmail.com


released January 4, 2012



all rights reserved


Midnight Funeral Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Uncanny Valley
I am a humanoid robot and I'm feeling a little annoyed
'cause they all left swiftly.
Ah well it looks like I'm stuck in Uncanny Valley, not quite human.
Well, at least not enough to, uh oh, feel like one of you.

They all left swiftly in the face of my phenotype
something's not quite right; something creepy.
Ah yeah it looks like I'm stuck in, uh oh, Uncanny Valley.

Can I just say, I was made this way?
I'm not to blame.

Have you tried turning me off and on again?
Track Name: We Need A Long Holiday
Well it's a Saturday night and I'm running out of money,
my girlfriend's on the phone said, "Are you still coming honey,
to the party in the valley?"

She said, "I've had a rough day really wouldn't mind chatting.
Do you wanna stay home and play some video games?"
Instead we end up having
Contextual conversations with mutual observations
about how each other would deal with hypothetical situations.

Alarm goes off we've gotta get cracking
the birds outside have already been stacking
their nest full of whatever they see fits best.

And we're singing along to a song on the radio
fighting over games, "Hey James, let me have a go.
Be a sport, now watch me beat your top score."

Now we got complications, a series of minor altercations,
between the passenger seats and all the other people on vacation.

You say you're okay with working overtime
every other day. All I can say is that
I need a rest 'cause this isn't the shoe that fits best.

But I'll tell you what you need.
(I'll tell you what we need).
I'll tell you what you need.
I'll tell you what we need.

We need a long holiday.
Track Name: Eggs
Can I take your order please
have you decided what you might like to eat?
And she said "Well, I'll have one poached egg on one piece of toast."
I thought about this for a second and then replied
"Can I offer you a novel approach?"
Then expounded my suggestion and it went:

Maybe if you walk to work you wouldn't have to worry
about how many eggs you ate today.
If you walk to work you wouldn't have to worry
about how many eggs you ate for breakfast.

You don't need a weight loss program to understand
two words accompanied by obscenity for dramatic effect;

Just fuckin' move more!

Take stairs instead of the elevator.
Track Name: TL;DR
No longer appreciation now it's just "t-y".
Lazy initialisation, even you had it all cut up
though, the video standard is coming up.
Levels of literacy languish have we taken this too far?

Are we all really that stupid?
Yes we are!
Losing letters we colluded
in the past
it seems, to inform each other less intelligently
of feelings to follow the flow.

I found that comment quite funny ROFLMAO
but not enough to type properly, even you had it all,
you had it all. The video standard is coming up.
I still refuse to read subtitles watching shits hard enough.